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Putting a new spin on wellbeing with therapeutic touch, movement, and entertainment.

If you’ve become intolerant of cookie-cutter living…

Why don’t we put YOU in some fun shapes and add some flavor?

This is your permission slip to let loose (or watch me do it for you…)

My work is about helping you learn simple, effective, and fun ways to get back in touch with yourself, by (re)learning how to:






Slow the eff down

Listen to your body

Give yourself more of what you really need



Side effects may include: more room to breathe, less pain and more joy, an overwhelming sense of wonder and lightness in your body, and on occasion — a strange desire to wear a unitard.

Wanna see how we can play together?

One part health professional, one part kickass instructor, and 100% kooky edu-tainer…

Here’s the special blend of what I can do for you:

Private Sessions

Intuitive and integrative massage and movement sessions, focusing on those tender points where all our stuff likes to hide.

I play around with different manual and movement therapies based in yoga, ayurveda, deep tissue, thai yoga massage, and more.

Touching, moving, and talking through the things that keep you out of touch.


I dazzle people with twirly moves and fancy tricks, or I can be a really tall character.

Would you rather pin the tail on the donkey, or something memorable like a donkey dancing with fire?

It’s also possible to combine a workshop and entertainment for your next big thing, so we all become the entertainers and the entertained. Win-win!



Yoga with swearing, bodywork and deeper awareness. Some extra things, but not so much that we forget why we came to practice in the first place.

Hooping for those who can’t hoop, and the ones who are ready for a new challenge.

Movement experiences that bring us back to ourselves while we forget about the outside world for a bit.

I’m Amelia Aglow, and I touch butts (and hearts — wink).

More specifically, I’m a massage therapist, yoga teacher and circus artist. Those are the facts… but if you really pressed me, I’d say that I help people lighten up and loosen up. People often think that fun = frivolous, but I know that rediscovering how to play is actually the path we need to come back to ourselves. And in our overstuffed, over stressed lives… we need this more than ever.

Connecting with my body and breath has loosened the grip of my traumas, and pulled me out of hiding. I made my mission to study the therapeutics of massage, yoga, and circus arts so I could help others do the same. I believe it’s possible to enjoy life like a kid, even when we have to adult.

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