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Putting a new spin on healing with therapeutic touch, movement, and entertainment.

I’m Amelia Aglow, and I touch butts (and hearts — wink).

More specifically, I’m a massage therapist, yoga teacher and circus artist. Those are the facts… but if you really pressed me, I’d say that I help people lighten up and loosen up. People often think that fun = frivolous, but I know that rediscovering how to play is actually the path we need to come back to ourselves. And in our overstuffed, over stressed lives… we need this more than ever.

Connecting with my body and breath has loosened the grips of my traumas, and pulled me out of hiding. I made my mission to study the therapeutics of massage, yoga, and circus arts so I could help others do the same. I believe it’s possible to enjoy life like a kid, even when we have to adult.

Professional guidance for your healing adventures,

Luminous entertainment for your next big thing,

And a touch of flow in a safe container.

Here’s the special blend of what I can do for you:

Massage Therapy

Intuitive and integrative bodywork sessions, focusing on those tender points where all our stuff likes to hide.

My touch is based in various manual therapies, heavily influenced by Thai Yoga Massage, Ayurveda, Deep Tissue, and more.

Your job is to breathe through the things that keep you out of touch.

Circus Arts

I’m generally modest about the wow-factor of my performance art, but it’s true, I am a crowd pleaser 🙂

I am known to tend to the fire in people’s hearts while twirling fire. My playful nature allows me to take on many characters, and I love getting really high (on stilts)!

I also teach people how to hoop and manipulate other objects!


Therapeutic Yoga

To put it simply: YOGA SAVED MY LIFE.

Because of that, I’ve ascended beyond being a spandex- clad pretzel with pretty scenery on Instagram.

Spiritual points aside, I have a library full of effective yoga and meditation tools to help humans with a myriad of issues. I am currently studying advanced Yoga Therapy.