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I have been tinkering with object manipulation for a decade. I made an “adult” hula hoop after returning home from a festival, and the toy I thought would be my closet workout buddy quickly lured me from my shell, became my favorite dance partner, and unexpectedly a tool for movement meditation. Along my journey into the flow arts realm, I have expanded my work to include other props such as poi, staff, fans, leviwand, and stilts. I am a licensed fire producer in the state of New Hampshire. I have performed in showcases, at festivals, concerts, weddings and private events, gogo style, and busking. I also do stiltwalking! I like helping people find their joy, and performing is just one of the ways I get to do that.

A Foray Into Fire Dancing


Past clients include: Sunday River Ski Resort, Plymouth State University, Ice Castles NH, Portland Downtown District, Circus Maine, Shelburne Museum, Dance Mile, Dark Follies, Harry Brown’s Farm, Maine Yoga Fest, ArtVan and others.