Looking to add a little sparkle to your something?

I’ve been adding lights, flames and flair to all kinds of of events since 2010. Whether I’m spinning multiple hoops, playing with fire, or stiltwalking, the audience is mesmerised! Yes, I am a professional! Along with being a Licensed Fire Producer for the state of New Hampshire, I always carry insurance.

Does your event have a theme? I love theme parties! I am able to create an act or a character based on your theme. Some past characters include a cowgirl, butterfly, ringmaster, unicorn, fairy, forest nymph, and of course the Maine state bird – the mosquito! Even if you don’t have a theme, I have professional costuming to compliment the vibe of your event.

Past clients include: Sunday River Ski Resort, Plymouth State University, Ice Castles NH, Portland Downtown District, Carnaval Maine, Circus Maine, Shelburne Museum, Dance Mile, Jerry Jam, Dark Follies, Harry Brown’s Farm, Maine Yoga Fest, Wild Vibes Fest, Unifier Festival and many more.