You know we aren’t meant to do it all ourselves. It’s okay to ask for help and receive. It’s okay to indulge. This is how you fill your cup, so you can give back to your people.

If you are new to me, or haven’t done my online paperwork, please fill out the intake form that appears when booking. If you are returning, you can skip that ish.

You NEED a massage? I knead you! This is me having a conversation with your body (if you want to talk, that’s fine too). This is one of the best ways to find out what issues are in your tissues. Integrative massage is a holistic approach to “deep tissue.” Based on what your body, mind, and soul are asking for during a session, various techniques are applied including myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point, marma points (indian acupressure), swedish, table thai, reiki, and whatever else I intuit. Never the same session twice, unless you ask for it.

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You know you should do yoga, but you’d rather someone else do it for you.
Thai Yoga Massage is a gentle and relaxing combination of acupressure, compression, and assisted stretching. This work feels like a very physical experience, but it also helps to balance the energetic body.
Please note: wear clothing that allows you to move freely!

Book 1hr Thai – Book 90min Thai – Book 2hr Thai

Has it been way too long since you felt absolutely delicious? You’re not afraid to indulge in a feast for the senses, and you’re okay with floating away smelling like the divine. I use a unique combination of essential oils and focus on the back and feet to help bring you back into balance and find your baseline. We are targeting the nervous system here (eff off, anxiety!) so the pressure is on the lighter side. I use DoTerra’s 100% therapeutic grade essential oils for this work, and I will happily include CBD if you would like to use it.

Have you experienced trauma? Maybe hands on bare skin is not what you’re looking for. Let’s create a bubble for you to process. You are safe. My energy work is a combination of Reiki, Polarity Therapy, and Crystal Work. Reiki is meditative conscious touch with holds. Where the attention goes, the energy flows. Polarity Therapy is rooted in Ayurveda (Indian Medicine) and uses five elements theory and acupressure techniques to unblock energy in the being. Another holistic approach, it’s especially helpful with emotional imbalances. I use quartz crystals to help restore a balanced vibration. You know how clocks and electronics have quartz in them? You have something in you that resonates with that same vibrational speed. You will be super relaxed.

Maybe you’re not ready for a group class. Maybe you’re looking to deepen your practice and you like 1:1 energy. I know no two people will look exactly alike doing the same thing, so let’s focus on what you’d like to do. I can help you figure out how to sit quietly, and I can help you find your best headstand. I am familiar with many styles of yoga. My personal interests in the postures focus on functionality of connective tissue, alignment, and play.

*Coming Soon Cupping, Ashiatsu, and Yoga Therapy, Oh My!

Why isn’t my location obvious? Because I mainly practice out of my home, I don’t post it all over the internet. When you book, the email you receive tells you where to go. To give you an idea, my house is in the Nason’s corner neighborhood of Portland, ME. Very close to Lowe’s between exits 47 and 48 on I-95. I have cats at my home practice, so if you have bad pet allergies, let’s connect via email before booking to discuss an alternate location.

I look forward to our time together ☺