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You know we aren’t meant to do it all ourselves, right? Consider this like putting your oxygen mask on first, so you can thrive and connect with others. Below you’ll find more about the therapeutic work I offer, and links to book online.

“As someone who had never had body work done before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. As soon as I arrived, I was at ease. Amelia is so calm and positive that you can’t help but feel the same. The room was comfortable and the smell of essential oils was soothing. I was concerned about my ticklishness, and Amelia found a pace and pressure that didn’t make me squirm. I left the session feeling more confident, more comfortable in my own body, and like I didn’t have a care in the world! I noticed my mind and body were in tune with one another for the first time in a long time.” -KC

You know you should do yoga, but you’d rather someone else do it for you.
Thai Yoga Massage is a gentle and relaxing combination of acupressure, compression, and assisted stretching. This work feels like a very physical experience, but it also helps to balance the energetic body.
Please note: wear clothing that allows you to move freely!

I currently practice Thai Massage on Mondays at The Portland Yoga Project. You can find more information and book online here.

“My 2-hour medicated massage was BLISS! Amelia made sure to tailor the work for my specific hotspots and problem areas. The atmosphere and interaction were cozy, comforting and caring. I have a long history of receiving massage therapy and I must say, the table and setup were the most comfortable I’ve ever encountered. Can’t wait for session TWO!!” – JC

You want to feel better now. When combined with bodywork, cannabis infused topicals provide fast-acting localized relief from pain and inflammation (this means that unless you’re high already, you’re only going to feel “massage high”). My table work includes intuitive deep tissue and energetically informed massage techniques that will leave you feeling a little closer to heaven.

I practice table sessions at Elevated Remedies of Brunswick on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can book online here.

You can learn more about cannabis topicals here. I also provide the option for Hemp-derived CBD oil, and unmedicated oil as well.

I also have limited availability for in-home massage, bodywork, and private yoga sessions. Please e-mail me ( to set something up where you are most comfortable.

Private yoga is more than just nailing that headstand – it’s helpful for so many issues. Yoga can support recovery from surgery or injury, trauma, mental health issues, and much more. A session might look like a private lesson, or it might look like a consultation with a special take-home practice to support your needs. 

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